Desert Air Safaris

Briefed to 'give an impression of open space and flying' - we chose to use video and white space

Chameleon Holidays

A multisite design for a company operating safaris & selfdrive tours in multiple regions

Pinpoint Sustainability

A green website for an eco-friendly and progressive company. Brief was to showcase their services for existing clients

Rightmove Properties

A site for an estate agent - client wanted a user friendly backend to easily manage their inventory

Eldorado Lodge

A simple lodge web site, showcasing rooms & activities - integrated with an online booking system

Khowarib Lodge

A design project where the client was unable to provide many images or content. Making the most of what we had

Brochures Namibia

A portal site for a company showcasing a large number of accommodation & activity providers

Skeleton Coast Safaris

A site for a fly-in safari company. Request was for an old fashioned and rustic design. Mirroring the company asthetic

African Profile Safaris

Showcasing transparent images, easy navigation and simple design for a client who offers a wide diversity of products

Mike Kibble Safaris

An urgent 'rush job' for a client who needed a site in a few days. Simple site highlighting their great photography

Ugly Duckling Designs

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